Lead your fantasy army to victory in this turn based strategy game. If the game does not respond to key presses click anywhere inside the game window and try again.

Multiplayer and saving require that you are logged into your Random Thoughts account. Sign Up For A Free Account.

Note: This game requires java 1.5 or above

Copyright (c) 2008, 2009 by Christian Mosbo. All rights reserved.

This game requires Java to play. If the panel above stays gray for several minutes, you may need to install java. Get it from Sun Microsystems here:

GetJava Download Button

The Team:

Random (Christian Mosbo):

Lead Programmer, Game Design, Engine Design, Story Design, Level Design, 2D Artwork, Sound

Sarfin (Ed Grass):

Network Programmer, Chat Design, Negotiation Design, Tool Design and Implementation

Lucky (Ben Moore):

3D Artwork, 2D Artwork, Model Design, Concept Work

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This game and all content contained herein is the exclusive property of Christian Mosbo and is only provided for recreational use.
Permission is NOT granted for reproduction of any content contained herein.

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