Laboratory Page

Welcome to the Random Thoughts Laboratory. Check out demos and incomplete versions of our games that are currently in the works. Keep in mind we work on an odd schedule and we can never estimate when a game will be completed. However, we have found interest in a game will always make us work faster.

In the Works

Mercenaries of Dosbar: The High Seas.
A preview of our expansion for Mercenaries. Currently only the World Map is finished. Be prepared for plenty of bugs, and there is no gameplay yet.

A preview of the opening cinema of Starforce. This is a turn based strategy game sequel to Silent Frontier.

Cave Quest.
Do you like old school roleplayers? Do you like endless dungeon crawls? If so, boy do we have the game for you! Choose one of four stock characters (and six unlockable classes) and start your quest. High scores and three save slots with free membership. Must be signed in to save. Currently in beta testing. Enjoy!

Johnny Rocket.
Welcome to the future! Meet Johnny Rocket, a robot with all the right moves. Jump, shoot and groove your way through hordes of enemies. Side scrolling platform game featuring a whole new 2-d engine.

Arena Tanks.
Here is a simple early build of the Arena Tanks project. Collision detecting is not in yet so there are no enemies for you to go against. You should be able to get a good feel for how the mechanics work and how this project is coming along. Enjoy.

Forgotten Planet.
The Forgotten Planet project has been revived. It is still in the early developement stage, but much of the world can be explored at this time.


3D Paddle Ball.
This is a simple Pong clone which we made as an exercise using the Java 3D framework. We include it here for those of you who may be interested.

In Development Preview.
Ever wonder what the Random Thoughts Team is working on? Here you can find a brief description of some of our projects that are currently in the works.

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