Welcome to the Random Thoughts links page. This section of the site is not only the standard list of links to affiliate sites. It is also a continuously growing list of the best Java games from around the internet. If you can think of a game that you feel should be included here, feel free to add it to our database.

Recent Additions
Battery (Maxim M77 Markaitis)

Battery is a browser based 2D scrolling game written in Java. The player controls an airplane in a top-down view and shoots down enemies.

Highest Rated
Jake 2 (bytonic software)

Quake 2 clone written in Java

Mercenaries of Dosbar (Random Thoughts Entertainment)

A fanstasy themed turn based strategy game. Take control of an intrepid band of mercenaries on a mission for fame and fortune!! Fight across seven different countries, battle dozens of monsters, and use over 1500 items on your quests. Non linear random missions allow for countless hours of gameplay as your characters develop into mighty heros.

Ancient Arenas (Ben Librojo)

Fight your way through a tournament of carnage and destruction in this action packed first person shooter.

Our Favorite Games
Dragon Court (Fiends.com)

Get into fights, buy/sell equipment, save your hero. Create clans, gain Court Rank. Seek fame, fortune, power and notoriety!

WarZone3 (J---GamePlay.com)

Welcome to WarZone3, and Our popular WarZone series gets an update, with vastly improved 3D graphics and lighting effects, ongoing story and mission based structure, several diverse combat areas and much more.

Cross Section (Java on the Brain)

a platform game with a twist. Some people may recognize this as inspired by the semi-classic Nebulus from 1987.

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