New Game Released: Starblade

Tue May 20 22:24:38 PDT 2014

Happy 15 years again!

I'm happy to announce the release of a new game... Starblade. I know this is our first new release in many years.

So, Starblade is a project that was almost finished and ran into some technical difficulties. The Story and Load game options (related to Premium Member content) have had to be disabled and are probably not recoverable. However the Arcade mode is fully playable. I have tried to string together the cutscenes for the Story Mode so you can get some sense of what the plot was.

Thanks again to all of you for staying with us all these years.

~ Random

Happy 15 Years!

Tue May 20 20:45:19 PDT 2014

Hello again Random Thoughts! Hard to believe but this web site has been around for 15 years now.

Due to changes in Java security I understand that many users now have difficulty accessing some of our old content. So, after talking with Sarfin we have decided to make some of our content available offline. You can now download Crossfire, Ghostie Quest and Diib's Dilemma to play on your own machines.

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us through the years. You are the reason why we do this.

~ Random

Mercs update

Mon Oct 18 10:05:08 PDT 2010

The Mercs alpha continues to be updated periodically in the lab. The number of changes currently implemented is too long to list. By all means please test this out and leave your feedback in the forums. We are getting close to a beta.

~ Random

Mercs Alpha Update

Fri Aug 06 20:00:32 PDT 2010

The Mercs Alpha available in the Lab got updated again today.

~ Maps are now being correctly generated for missions.

~ Starter missions were added.

~ Starting Fame was set to 0 for testing of new missions.

~ Loot images should now appear on the Victory Screen.

~ Victory screen text was cleaned up.

~ Helmet images are finally in and working.

~ Fame bar on renown screen should now be working correctly.

~ More monsters were added.

~ Mission descriptions fixed to correctly match missions.

~ Mission generator updated.

~ New descriptions added for new missions.

~ Locked skill trees now correctly display as locked.

~ Battle music added.

~ Minor mouse control tweaks made.

Check it out here:


~ Random

Items and Missions and Monsters, oh my!

Wed Jul 28 05:25:27 PDT 2010

Big update since last week.

Item quality has now been added in the store for weapons, armor and helmets.

Items now drop in missions.

Items can now be picked up in missions (but can't yet be used on the manage screen).

Victory Screen now has more flavor text for mission completion.

Missions are now dropping the correct monster spread based on description. Missions are not yet checking for victory conditions... all missions currently require you to kill all enemies.

Sound file has been compressed for faster download.

Poison and Fire immunities were added, and added to appropriate monsters.

Monster AI was improved.

Rendering engine was improved.

More monsters were added.

Check it out here:

More to come. Enjoy the pieces in testing now. We read all the feedback.

~ Random


Wed Jul 21 13:04:08 PDT 2010

Tired of fighting goblins?

The old monsters of mercs have made a comeback to the new version! Yay, you can be killed by a wider variety of enemies now!

Also, there are a selection of brand new monsters in the mix.

Fortresses are now dropping as well as houses.

Toggling off duty/on duty mercs is working correctly.

More hints were added.

The first music track is now in the game. More sound and music controls and more music tracks are on the way.

And a few other little fixes were implemented.

Check it out here:

~ Random

You Tube videos

Sat Jul 17 14:44:40 PDT 2010

So, one of our fans put an entire play through of Diib's Dilemma on the intertubes. Yay for them!

Thought I would provide the link to all:

Thanks for the shout out!

~ Random

More Mercs Updates

Tue Jul 13 20:31:14 PDT 2010


Helmets are now in the game. These are items available to all. The artwork is still in progress, so you have to deal with placeholders for now.

Each zone should now be drawing correctly. Everywhere no longer looks like barant.

Added several animations... most notably a water splash when you put out fire.

Made the movement interface more clear by adding yellow and red squares where the terrain will effect your action options.

Mercs will now gain experience for actions in combat.

Fullscreen is now supported. Press F9 to toggle fullscreen support.

Music coming soon....

Check it out here:

~ Random

New Mercs Alpha

Thu Jul 01 18:09:52 PDT 2010

Hey all. I know its been a while since we have posted an updated test version for the new mercenaries expansion. The project has had some technical hurdles that took us some time to overcome.

I'm happy to announce that we have uploaded a new alpha for you to test today. The game is almost playable... although all you can do is lose, and the missions are not generating correctly yet.

We took the game away from defaulting to fullscreen. This makes me sad, but it was a necessary change. However... you can still toggle fullscreen by pressing F9.

Check out the new alpha here:

~ Random

Mercs Equipment

Wed Jun 16 20:36:49 PDT 2010

These mysterious helms are crafted by the order of the dragon knights. They are rumored to be able to allow the wearer to see great distances through ancient dragon magic. Sadly, the temple of the dragon knights was destroyed generations ago, and the secret of the making of these rare artifacts has been lost.

Rare beyond measure, finding such a helm is the first step on the path to true power.

~ Random

Multiplayer back up

Thu Jun 10 11:55:48 PDT 2010

We apologize for the inconvenience, but our sockets have finally been fixed. All multiplayer features should be working again.

~ Random

Crossfire preview

Thu Mar 11 20:40:08 PST 2010

Well work continues behind the scenes on a number of projects. Seeing as Dungeons has been received fairly well I thought I would preview one of the upcoming units for the next expansion:

The Skitterling Bile Priest is quickly turning into a popular unit. It deals aura damage, which is like range 2 polearm damage except it hurts both sides. Units that deal aura damage are understandably cheaper, and so this has become a nice cheap range 2 option for the skitterlings, who generally were missing out on any sort of range 2 anything.

The evil Bile Priests are masters of poison and disease, working to infect all around them. They are both respected and feared within skitterling society. The Bile Priests work on developing many of the poisons used by the Venomblades.

Also coming in Crossfire: Heroes are going to be the hero units (of course), a new free army, two more single player campaigns, an expanded dungeon game, multiplayer co-op and more.

~ Random

Crossfire: Dungeons tutorial

Wed Feb 03 11:16:32 PST 2010

The Tutorial for Crossfire should now be working in the game.

The Tutorial only covers the basics of how to play.

Advanced features like Block, Dodge, damage over time attacks, damage type, resistances, Aura units, Hero powers, items and more may be covered in an advanced tutorial at a later time.

~ Random

Crossfire: Dungeons multiplayer

Tue Feb 02 17:47:04 PST 2010

Had fun chatting with several people on Tuesday night. I will try and be on again on Tuesday night next week. Look forward to seeing you there.

~ Random

A picture says a thousand words

Mon Feb 01 20:40:53 PST 2010

In this case the words include:
This game will never be made.
This game does not exist.
Don't get your hopes up.
This game is never going to be finished.


~ Random

Multiplayer Fixed

Wed Jan 27 08:18:45 PST 2010

The server side socket issue has been resolved. All of our multiplayer features are working again. Thanks for your patience.

~ Random

Multiplayer Support

Tue Jan 26 12:51:57 PST 2010

Our hosting service recently updated their operating system, and as a result our socket support is temporarily down.

Rest assured we are working on the issue, and it will be resolved as soon as possible.

Crossfire: Dungeons

Sat Jan 23 12:39:35 PST 2010

Hello again Random Thoughts users.

We are happy to announce the release of the next Crossfire expansion today, Crossfire Dungeons.

There are many new features for this newest incarnation.

- Added a new race, the Skitterlings.

- Added 11 new units.

- Added the Dungeon Game mode

- Added terrain to most maps

- Added terrain walking abilities to some units.

- Added damage types and damage resistances to some units.

- Added piece sliding animations to moves.

- Added better spark animations to many actions.

- Added treasure which can be picked up on the battlefield to increase score.

- Added new high score tables for the new modes.

- Added the ability to save and load an army from the army management screen.

- Added more tips in the "Wait for player" multiplayer screen.

- Added four new musical tracks, including a saurian track for their campaign and several new dungeon tracks.

- Added sound effects for many actions.

- Added Block, Dodge, and Accuracy unit abilities to deepen army building strategy and tactics.

- Improved the army logo shields. Each army now has a specific flavor logo.

- Improved the pre-built army select screens.

- Changed the 15 pre-built armies so the new defaults take better advantage of the new mechanics.

- Improved the fog of war art.

- Improved the movement area art.

- Changed the interface for attacking units. Hand to hand units will now stand and attack if you click on an adjacent enemy, just like ranged units.

- Added the ability for units to block enemy unit moving. "Warrior jumping" as a strategy is now over.

- Improved the character detail display on the battle screen.

- Improved the army thumbnail bar along the bottom of the screen.

- Changed the unit thumbnail selection box in the upper right corner of the army builder screen to make it easier to build your army from there.

- Added four enemy "boss" characters. These are Heroes for the upcoming Heroes expansion, but you can't use them as players yet.

- Changed unit cost on most units. The formula now greatly increases the point cost for range 10 and range 2 units, while slightly discounting range 1 units.

+ Premium Members - you can now play as the skitterlings in the Dungeon game or in any of the multiplayer modes. There is no pre-built skitterling army, so you will have to build one from scratch in multiplayer.

And a few parting notes. First, the Tutorial and Cooperative Multiplayer features are still being tested, and so are currently locked out.

Second, for people that complained that undead were simply underpowered in the Northern Campaigns, the army has been re-worked to be more effective. I think you will be pleased.

Third, the addition of terrain to the single player campaigns gives them more variety than before, a common complaint I heard.

Also, there is more to come. The next expansion, Heroes, is probably about 6 months away and will finally add these powerful units to all armies. I'll try and be around as much as possible over the next few weeks to grab feedback while I work on finishing the design document for the next expansion.

~ Random

30.08.31 Forgotten Planet Update

Mon Aug 31 19:22:48 PDT 2009

Targeting is now implemented. Only one final step until we can begin to rid the world of those pesky deer.

Step through available targets with tab and shift-tab (as you probably assumed) or by clicking on the desired target from the mini-map.

Also, the bug that was causing some 64 bit Vista users to be unable to view the game has been resolved. If you have had trouble loading Forgotten Planet in the past, please try again to make sure it is working for you.

Quick link: Forgotten Planet

PS: RIP Marvel Comics...


More Crossfire

Mon Aug 31 02:17:03 PDT 2009

We were adding so much to the new Crossfire:Heroes expansion that the project was getting out of control. To try and keep each expansion more of a manageable increase in gameplay features we have decided to split the Crossfire:Heroes expansion into two expansions. The first half is nearing completion, and should be done by the end of September (stranger things have happened).

I'm really pleased with how the project is shaping up. You can barely recognize the first game in the incarnation I'm playing now. Of course the new expansion will add more units to the game. But there's more!

The next expansion will also introduce the Skitterling race. These vile ratmen are masters of poison. They will mostly make an appearance as npc enemies. There will not be a new campaign added, but the old campaigns have undergone some serious improvements.

Here is a teaser of one of the new dwarf units that everyone is soon going to love to hate:

The stalwart Dwarven Defender is a melee specialist designed to hold the frontline against superior forces just long enough for the damage dealers to win the day.

~ Random

Crossfire changes to come

Mon Aug 24 00:09:54 PDT 2009

Well, I've gathered a lot of feedback from players of the latest Crossfire expansion. One change being made is to unit cost... every unit had its cost (and/or abilities) altered slightly for the next expansion.

I have implemented the Dodge ability, although it is changed a little from the original idea posted in the forums. It will allow a unit out of line of sight to dodge the first enemy range attack per turn. This still ends up being a pretty big deal.

Perhaps one of the largest changes though is the addition of terrain. PvP will now take place on a random map. Here is a quick shot of one of the first maps to be finished:

The lanes of advance have been shrunk to the two bridges. A great place to stall a superior force. The water is impassable. Each map will present its own gameplay challenge to both sides.

~ Random

30.07.09 Forgotten Planet Update

Thu Jul 30 16:24:00 PDT 2009

The groundwork for the Forgotten Planet multiplayer has now been laid, and the chat interface is implemented.

Check it out at www.randomthoughts.net/games/forgotten


Mon Jul 20 10:45:31 PDT 2009

Memory Issues

As of Java version 1.6 update 10 it has finally become possible to increase the Java Virtual Machine heap memory from our end. I have gone through the majority of our games and made the necessary updates throughout the site.

- You should now be able to play every game from our library sequentially without memory issues.

- Games that occasionally would error out should never do so. (well, when it's a memory issue at any rate)

Note that you will need to be running at least java version 1.6.0_10 for this to work. If you are running an older version you will not notice any changes.

Forgotten Planet

The following updates and changes were made to Forgotten Planet.

- Items are now in the game and are equippable from the character screen.

- The 'Detail' button was removed. You can now right-click on your character's portrait to pull up the character screen.

- Social button was added, but is not yet implemented in the online version. (It's what I'm currently working on)

- New keyboard shortcuts 'C' and 'L' were added to give quick access to the character and lore screens.

Final Crossfire Tweaks

Tue Jul 14 21:19:10 PDT 2009

A few final changes were uploaded for Crossfire: The Northern Campaigns today.

- Memory issues should all be fixed. No more java heap space errors.

- Reduced the number of AI archers on 22 of the campaign missions.

- Greatly reduced the supply penalty for losing a mission.

With the following changes the single player should have gotten easier. And the game shouldn't be crashing for anyone.

~ Random


Thu Jul 09 12:38:10 PDT 2009

A couple of updates today.

First, the Crossfire expansion was added to our multiplayer games list. Not placing it there was an oversight on my part.

Also, we now have a facebook page. Add it and spread word of us around :)

We just want millions of fans...

~ Random

Crossfire: The Northern Campaigns Patch

Thu Jul 09 00:25:54 PDT 2009

Hey all.

A minor patch to Crossfire: The Northern Campaigns was uploaded today.
The changes include:

- Fixed a bug where after you turned the sound off the sound would be turned back in when switching between campaigns in single player.

- Fixed a bug where choosing to host a 1500 point unlimited game would give both sides 1000 points.

- Fixed a problem where long user names would not crop when viewing the fame board.

- Lowered overall memory usage slightly. Hopefully this will prevent memory out problems some people have been having in the single player campaigns (where the large map only shows black).

- Increased redraw rate. This should have the custom cursor scrolling much more smoothly. Ups frame rate slightly.

++ Premium Only - Added more to the "Sneak Preview" section found in the Premium Campaigns menu.

Check out the Crossfire expansion here:
Crossfire: The Northern Campaigns

~ Random

New Expansion!

Fri Jul 03 13:07:56 PDT 2009

Well the first expansion to Crossfire is finally here. Crossfire:The Northern Campaigns does quite a bit to enhance the basic game found in Crossfire. Check out the new expansion here:

Here is a list of most of the new features:

- Added 15 more units, 3 per side.

- Greatly increased HP values from the first game. With units surviving more hits the tactics get more complex.

- Reworked all stats and point values on all the original units.

- Changed the game size up to 800x600. This means almost all of the artwork is now larger.

- Increased the gameboard to 12x12 from 10x10.

- Expanded the number of units an army can field from 15 up to 20.

- Added 2 new base single player campaigns for a total of 3.

- Significantly enhanced the AI's decision making and searching algorithms.

- Added 150 new single player missions. I got a lot of feedback that there was not enough to the single player experience in the first game. This expansion is called the "Northern Campaigns" in part because I spent the most time working on enhancing the single player campaign experience. There are 102 missions for everyone, and another bonus 68 missions for Premium Members.

- Added 3 endings per campaign, for 15 total.

- Added a single player high score.

- Added a strategy element to single player where you can build up supply points over the course of several missions.

- Added the ability to build a custom army in the single player missions.

- Expanded the auto save files for junior and premium members for single player missions.

- Added a quick unit select box to the upper right corner of the army customization screen.

- Added a Surrender button.

- Added time clock to multiplayer matches.

- Added ability to host 1500 point games.

- Added 15 new pre-built armies for multiplayer.

- Improved the graphic interface for the pre-built army screen.

- Improved the art for the fog of war.

- Improved the art for spaces you can move to.

- Improved the unit list bar at the bottom of the game screen.

- Improved the character readout on the battle screen.

- Added HP bars that display on the units.

- Added transparent shadows to the units.

- Added spark animations when hitting or killing an enemy.

- Improved art renders on several of the original units.

- Added two new music tracks to the single player campaigns.

- Improved the artwork for most menus.

- Added a loading bar for in game loads.

- Added 30 more hints to the "Waiting for Player" screen.

+ Premium Members: Added the ability to host 2000 point games.

+ Premium Members: Added 1 more locked campaign, for a total of 2. (68 total missions)

+ Premium Members: Added a small sneak preview link in the Premium Menu.

+ Premium Members: Added three more undead units. Only premium members can use the undead army in multiplayer.

And I'm only calling it an expansion. Also, I KNOW the undead campaign, which is only for premium members, is very difficult. This is by design. It is intended to represent a challenge for veteran players.

~ Random

Forgotten Planet Update

Sun Jun 21 07:42:46 PDT 2009

Forgotten Planet continues to see updates. There is now a context sensitive action menu that appears when you have anything targeted. You widen of narrow the list of skills that are included in the menu by selecting lorebooks from your bookshelf.

I am now working on getting some equipment in the game, along with the ability to target objects other than yourself. This will lead to actual gameplay!

Expect a breakdown of the new interface soon...

The first expansion is nearly here

Thu Jun 18 22:43:29 PDT 2009

While I was hoping for an expansion every three months to our new multiplayer fantasy game crossfire, life interrupted my plans. Now six months later, but the expansion is coming along very nicely. I'm taking a week and driving down to visit Lucky while we put the final touches on this.

In any case, he just finished the new title screen, and I thought you would all appreciate this very small sneak peak.

I hear there will be another Forgotten Planet update soon, and something resembling a real game is just around the corner for that project. Stay tuned.

~ Random


Thu Jun 04 17:04:36 PDT 2009

Hey all.

First off, Sarfin has made a lot of updates to Forgotten Planet, and they are online, he just seems to have forgotten to make a news post about it.

We've had some behind the scenes turmoil but work continues. Mercs Expansion, the next Crossfire Expansion, Cave Quest, Rex Episode III and Privateer have all been on my work plate the last few months. I hope to have a new game for you next week.

~ Random

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